Avocado Recipes

Would you be surprised to learn that the avocado is actually a fruit, and not a vegetable? It just so happens to be a green, fatty, earthy-flavored fruit—but for those getting technical, the seed (or pit) in the middle gives it away. But the avocado also has a sweet flavor that suits it well, and makes it a worthy candidate in recipes both savory and sweet.

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About avocados:

The avocado is indeed a tropical fruit, so many of its culinary origins take root in the South and Central Americas; yet it is so popular in North America that it can be found at virtually every grocery store or supermarket in any city big or small. Perhaps its most recognizable dish is guacamole, the popular Mexican dip made for tacos, burritos, and more. But avocados have a home in thousands of other recipes, from salad to soups and muffins to cakes. Their versatility comes not only from their pleasing flavor profile, but also from their texture. Mashed, creamed or pureed, avocados make excellent additions to all type of surprising dishes. Enjoy our recipe collection to get introduced to the avocado in ways you’ve never thought of before. You’ll find mousse, pudding, cornbread, and more unexpected ways to use this healthy tropical fruit on a regular basis.

AvocadoRecipes.net contains ingredients and measurements for cooks in the United States. If you're in the United Kingdom, check out the avocado recipes at Foodzia.co.uk.

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